Personal Training Certification in Stamford, CT

Make your passion your paycheck with an immersive training program that includes the NASM CPT certification

Experience in-person, hands-on classes that provide the education and skills you need to turn your fitness enthusiasm into a rewarding profession. This is where your passion leads to a clear career path, with expert guidance every step of the way. 

Classes are held at Revolution Training in Stamford, CT.

Who's It For?

The NASM Personal Training Certification

You’re the one who practically lives at the gym, who’s always reading up on the latest fitness trends, and the go-to friend for workout advice. But, how to make it your full-time gig? That’s where things get hazy.

Our NASM Personal Training Certification is tailored for fitness enthusiasts at a crossroads.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school pondering your next move, or you’re in a soul-crushing 9-to-5 longing for a career that aligns with what you love to do. If you’re ready to turn your fitness dedication into a rewarding profession, this is your starting line.

It’s time to go from fitness fanatic to certified fitness professional.

Let's make your passion your paycheck.

*A 3-installment payment option is avaiIable.

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What You’ll Get:

The Breakdown
NASM CPT Certification $2,499


Curriculum Overview:

4-Week Course

Week 1-4: Foundations of Personal Training and NASM CPT Basics
Thursdays 6pm-8pm & Saturdays 12pm-2pm

Week 5-8: Client Relations, Exercise Technique, and Professional Growth
Thursdays 6pm-8pm

Week 9-10: NASM Final Exam
Saturdays 12pm-2pm


This is a 10-week program. Classes begin on March 7, 2024.

Weeks 1-4 Thursdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 12-2pm

Weeks 5-8 Thursdays 6-8pm

Weeks 9-10 Saturdays 12-2pm

From Fitness Enthusiast to Pro Trainer

Turn your passion into a profession with our NASM CPT program. We provide the tools, techniques, and real-world experience you need to excel in the world of personal training.

Step into fitness entrepreneurship

Learn the art of building a successful fitness brand and cultivating a thriving community, guided by industry experts. Elevate your personal training credentials with essential business skills.

Revolution training academy’s scholarship opportunity

Financial barriers shouldn’t limit your fitness career dreams. Our scholarship is designed for driven individuals aged 17-26 with earnings below $35,000/year, paving the way for success at a minimal cost.